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Mobile FAQ

What is my “default account”?

Your “default account” is the first account displayed with the “Balance” message in Text Banking, or the first account displayed in Online Banking, or the first account displayed under Mobile Banking.

Is Google Voice supported for text messaging?

Google Voice uses a pseudo-telephone number that is not support with the SMS system.  You must always enter your real mobile device number for SMS text messages to work properly.

I receive a text message error when I try to request my account balance or get transactions?

The Mobile Banking text message service requires each account in Online Banking to have a nickname. Nicknames in Online Banking are normally created when the account is opened and use only alpha and numeric characters. First check to make sure there is a nickname.  We also recommend that you keep each nickname short since you are using them to text.

I have an auto signature attached to each of my sent text messages. Will my signature cause errors when texting commands to Mobile Banking?

Yes.  The system will think the signature is a part of the account nickname and return an error. You need to disable the text message auto signature feature before you send text inquiries to Mobile Banking.

What is an App?

An App stands for application or a program that performs certain functions.  Smartphone users use an "App" to do certain jobs on their phone. An app is a piece of software that is developed specifically for the mobile device.  We offer Apps for Apple’s mobile devices (i.e. iPhone®, iPod®, and iPad®), Android™ devices and Blackberry devices.

Is an App from Google’s Play store, Apple’s App Store, or Blackberry’s App World required?

No.  An App is not required to use Mobile Banking.  A mobile web browser or SMS/text messaging are other alternatives.

Is there a fee for the Mobile Apps?

No.  All of our mobile Apps are free. (Data Rates may apply for download).

Do I have to sign up for Online Banking in order to have Mobile Banking?

Yes.  Mobile Banking is a feature within our Online Banking application.

What happens if I change my phone number?

If you switch to a new mobile number, sign in to your Online Banking account and click the “Other Services” tab. Then click on the Mobile tab and select “Change Login Details”. From here you can change your Mobile Number and/or password.

My spouse and I share a Login ID for Online Banking. Can we both use Mobile Banking on our phones?

Yes and No. First, we always recommend that an account holder obtain their own, unique login credentials.  However, if you are sharing the Online Banking portion of Mobile Banking, only one phone number may be set up for Mobile Banking; therefore, only one user can use text messaging Mobile Banking.  This further supports our recommendation that users obtain their own login credentials.  If all account holders wish to use test messaging Mobile Banking, then you will have to have separate Online Banking and Mobile Banking profiles.

Can I change my Mobile Banking user name?

Yes.  You can change your Mobile Banking user name from your Online Banking account. Under “Other Services” and then “Mobile,” click “Change Login Details”. Change your Mobile Login user name, enter your current password, confirm your current password and click “Submit”.

Can I locate ATM’s in Mobile Banking?

Absolutely.  You are part of our Freedom Card network and we designed our Mobile Banking ATM locator to search for any ATM in the U.S nearest to you….that’s over 400,000 ATM’s.  Remember, all domestic surcharges are waived.

Can I make a Mobile transfer to anyone and/or to any bank?

Soon!  Currently you can only transfer funds to your own internal accounts.  Coming in the 4th quarter, we will offer a service that is a person-to-person (P2P) payment system that permits you to pay anyone through Mobile Banking.  Online banking already permits payments with our Bill Payment feature.

Why are my external bank accounts not available for transfers?

Banks accounts already opened at our bank can be used to transfer between, in most cases.  Accounts with other banks are not available to transfer to or from with Mobile Banking.  Please use Online Banking if this feature is needed.

Can I pay bills through my Mobile Banking? 

If you are enrolled in our Bill Payment service you can pay bills on your mobile device.

Can I pay more than one bill through Mobile Banking?

No.  Mobile Banking is currently limited to paying one bill-at-a-time.  Please use our full Online Banking site if it is more convenient to pay multiple bills.  Remember, Mobile Banking is an extension of Online Banking, not a replacement.

Can I re-enroll in Mobile Banking after I un-enroll?

Yes, you can enroll in Mobile Banking access from your Online Banking account under “Other Services” and then “Mobile”. Read and accept the disclaimer then click “enroll”.

How do I cancel my mobile banking service?

To cancel, login to your Online Banking account and click the “Other Services” tab.  Then click on the Mobile tab. Select Un-Enroll and this will deactivate your account.

You can also text one of the following commands to 469228: stop, stop all, cancel, end, quit, or unsubscribe

Can I use cash management with Mobile Banking?

Not at this time. Mobile Banking is only available to our retail Online Banking customers.

How often do I need to change my password?

Mobile Banking password’s do NOT expire. You can change your mobile password as often or as little as you like.

If I don’t have a data package or internet access on my mobile device can I still use Mobile Banking?

Yes.  If your mobile device is set up with SMS text message services, you can still interact with Mobile Banking through text messages.

Is there a delay in Mobile Transfers or is the transfer immediate?

Transfers in Mobile Banking are immediate bank deposit accounts…just like Online Banking.

Can I “opt out” of Mobile Banking if I do not want to use it?

Yes.  Simply do not enroll in Mobile Banking.  If you are already enrolled, Un-Enroll in Mobile Banking or call our Online Banking customer care at 1-888-275-5566 x6170.

What if I forget my Mobile Banking password and it is after hours?

You can change your password from your Online Banking account, under “Other Services” and then “Mobile”. Click “Change password”. Enter a new password and Confirm password and click “Submit”.

What if I think my Mobile Banking has been compromised and it is after hours?

 You can Un-Enroll or disable your Mobile Banking access from your Online Banking account.

What is the difference between “Un-Enroll” and “Disable mobile access”?

“Un-Enroll” will delete your Mobile Banking information from the system and you have to enroll again if you want Mobile Banking access.  “Disable mobile access” simply disables the use of Mobile Banking but keeps your Mobile Banking information. After you disable your mobile access, the button will change to “Enable Mobile Access” in Online Banking.

Will Mobile Banking time-out or kick me out?

Yes, Mobile Banking will log you off after 5 minutes of inactivity.

I receive an error when attempting to make a transfer?

The two (2) common errors during transfers are “There was an error processing your request.  Please try again.”, and “Duplicate transaction.  Please check your statement before resubmitting.”  These messages typically appear when attempting to transfer to a dormant account.  Only active accounts can be transferred from or to.


What is FreedomDeposit?

FreedomDeposit (Remote Capture) is a mobile, quick and easy way to make a deposit with your smartphone or device from virtually anywhere at any time.

Is mobile FreedomDeposit secure?

Yes.  Mobile deposit uses the same login, password, and multi-factor authentication (MFA) security as your Online Banking account. You are also asked to answer one of your Online Banking security questions when you login. Making a deposit with your phone is as safe as using Online Banking.

Who is eligible to use FreedomDeposit?

A consumer that has an active checking account, Online Banking with our bank, and a mobile device such as iPhone, Android, or tablet is eligible.  Small Business customers may also be eligible.

Are there fees associated with FreedomDeposit?

There are no bank fees associated with this service but your mobile carrier may charge for internet access and/or text messages.

What types of checks can I deposit through FreedomDeposit?

Single party personal checks, on-us checks, or business checks that are payable to the owner of the deposit account.

What types of checks are not eligible for deposit? 

Third party checks, checks made payable to cash or the bank, checks not properly endorsed, incomplete, poor quality or missing information, stamped non-negotiable, returned checks, altered checks, non-domestic checks, travelers checks, bonds, stale dated checks (more than 6 months old), and checks that exceed deposit limits.

Can more than one check be included in a deposit?  How many deposits can be made in a day?

No.  Only one check per deposit with as many as five deposits per day but no more than 25 checks within a month as long as you are within your limits.


What are the deposit limits?

$1,500 per deposit, $2,000 per day, and $15,000 per month.

Do I need to use a deposit slip?

No.  An electronic deposit slip will be generated.

How do I endorse my check for mobile deposit?

Sign the back of the check and write “For Mobile Deposit Only - Unified Bank” just below your signature.

Are the check images saved to my phone?

No.  Images will not save to your phone but you will be able to review your deposit history.

When will the deposit be credited to my account?

Deposits submitted on a normal bank business day before 4:00pm will generally be posted to your account the next business day.  Deposits made after 4:00pm or on weekends or holidays will generally be processed the next business day and credited to your account on the following business day.  Our standard hold policies apply and any holds placed are at the sole discretion of the bank.

How soon will the funds I deposit become available?

If you submit a mobile deposit before 4:00pm on a bank business day, your funds should be available the next business day.  Deposits made after 4:00pm, on weekends or holidays will be processed the next business day and should be available the business day following. Holds will be placed on a case-by-case basis as determined by the bank. We reserve the right to reject any item transmitted through this mobile deposit service.

How do I know if the deposit has been accepted and for how long should I keep the check?

For immediate review you can check your mobile Deposit History within the App but it is best to review your statement to confirm that the deposit has posted to your account with the correct dollar amount. Checks should be retained until you have confirmed the deposit is on your account.  You can also review your online banking account the next business day.

How will I know if a deposit has been declined?

In most cases, it will be declined immediately and a message will appear on your device explaining the problem.  In certain circumstances you may also receive a notice by mail from the bank with an explanation why your deposit has been declined.

How long does it take to submit a check deposit through FreedomDeposit?

The transmission time varies depending on the signal strength and speed of your mobile network but normally it should take only a few seconds.  The entire process should take under two minutes.

Can I make a deposit to a savings account?

No.  FreedomDeposit will only allow deposits to be made to a checking account. After the deposit has cleared, you can then make an online transfer from your checking to a savings account.

Can I split a mobile deposit between two checking accounts?

No.  A check can only be deposited to a single checking account. After the deposit has cleared, you can then make an online transfer from your checking to another checking account.

Can I cancel Mobile Banking at any time?

Yes.  You can un-enroll Mobile banking from your Online banking account under “Other Services” then “Mobile” and click the “Un-enroll” button.

Do I need to take a picture of both the front and the back of the check?

Yes.  To successfully complete a mobile deposit you must take a picture of the front and the back of the check.

How do I orient my check when I take the picture for mobile deposit?

Your check should be positioned in landscape format with a four corner for the image to be accepted.

May I make a mobile deposit with a check made payable to a joint owner on my account?

Yes.  As long as the individual is a joint owner on the account and the check has been properly endorsed the check can be deposited.