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New Online Banking FAQs

When will we be switching to the new online banking platform?

We will be switching on 3/2/2020.

When will the old online banking platform stop working?

At 4:00 PM ET on 2/28/2020, we will be switching the old platform to an 'Inquiry Only' mode.  In this mode, you will be able to view your account on the desktop, but not be able to take any actions until the new system rolls out on 3/2/2020.

The old mobile app and old text banking will be shut down on 2/27/2020.  On or after this date, you can delete the old app.


Will I have to download a new mobile app?

Yes, you will need to download the new app.  The new app will be available on 3/2/2020 under the name 'Unified Bank Mobile' for Retail or Small Business Users.

For commercial customers, the new app will be under the name 'Unified Bank Business.'

How do I log into the new online banking?

On the website, you will click the SIGN IN button as you are used to doing.  There will be a new selection of Personal, Business or Commercial.  Most of our customers will select Personal.  Commercial customers who use wire transfers or ACH features will select Commercial. 

Your username will be the username you used previously, except any letters must be lowercase.  Certain commercial customers with exceptionally long usernames will be assigned a new username. 

Your temporary password will be the lowercase letters “ub” followed by the last four digits of your SSN for customers logging in with the Personal or Business option.  For customers logging in with the Commercial option, the temporary password will be the lowercase letters “ub” followed by the last four digits of the company’s Tax ID.

I have different usernames for the desktop online banking and the mobile app, which one will I use?

The desktop username will be the username converted over to the new system.  Going forward, you will only need one username to log into desktop online banking or the mobile app.

Do I have to use the desktop website to gain access to the app?

No, you will be able to just use the app if that is what you prefer. 

How will alerts work in the new system?

We will be rolling out a new real-time alerting system where there will be many more alerting options.  Because of this, you will need to set up new alerts. 

Will text banking change?

Yes, click here to learn more.

Will I have to use a One Time PIN (OTP) to log in?

Not at this time.  The new online banking system only supports challenge questions or an email passcode.  One-Time PINs will return at a later date.

Will my username change?

If you have capital letters in your current username, then your username will be changed so that all letters are lowercase.  Customers with usernames of 5 characters or less will be prompted to create new usernames with at least 6 characters. Certain customers with exceptionally long usernames will have new usernames assigned.  Otherwise, there will not be username changes.

Also, please be aware, the username converted over to the new online banking will be the username you used to log into the Desktop Application, not the Mobile App.

Will I use different usernames for Desktop vs. the Mobile App?

No, you will use the same username when logging into any online banking application.

Will my password change?

Yes.  Passwords are stored in a way that cannot be decoded, for security reasons, so they cannot be converted.  You will be assigned a temporary password to log in with, and then the system will prompt you to create a secure password.  Your temporary password will be the lowercase letters “ub” followed by the last four digits of your social for customers logging in with the Personal/Business option.  For customers logging in with the Commercial option, the temporary password will be the lowercase letters “ub” followed by the last four digits of the company’s Tax ID.  New passwords must be between 8 and 17 characters and must include both letters and numbers.  We recommend using capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

What will happen to my scheduled or recurring transfers?

Scheduled or recurring transfers will transfer to the new system, unless they are transfers into a “deposit-only” account.

What will happen to my Deposit-only accounts?

Deposit-only accounts will not be available in the new online banking system.  If you are using deposit-only accounts to send money to other Unified Bank customers, you can use either Bill Pay or Zelle® to send funds to these customers.  Zelle® is available as a link inside Bill Pay.

I have bill payments set up.  What happens to these?

Your existing Bill Pay payees, scheduled bill payments, and recurring bill payments will seamlessly transfer to the new online banking system with no interruptions.

What will happen to my accounts at other banks that I have in online banking?  Click here to learn more!

Your external accounts—those at other banks—will not be immediately available in our new online banking system.  Once you are logged into the new online banking, you will be able to set these accounts up again using the External Transfers tab in the new online banking.  External Transfers act similarly to PayPal in that small deposits are made into the external account and you will be asked to provide the amounts of those deposits to confirm your ownership and control of the accounts.  This is a security enhancement and allows you to set accounts up in a completely self-service fashion.  External accounts at some banks can be verified instantly using internet banking credentials for the external bank. The External Transfers tab is available only for consumer accounts. A maximum of five external accounts may be configured.

I’m a small business customer and I use QuickBooks.  How will this affect me?  Click here for more information!

If you do not use the Commercial log in option when logging into the new online banking system, you will not be able to use QuickBooks right away.  Your loan officer or local banking center will be able to assist you in transitioning to the Commercial login option to enable your continued access to QuickBooks on the new system.

I use Quicken.  How does this affect me?  Click here for more information!

You will see a popup in Quicken that contains instructions to help you with the transition. Additional details are available here.

Express Connect will be live on 3/9/20.

I am a commercial customer and I’m interested in bill pay.  Can you help me?

We are pleased to now offer a bill payment solution within the new Commercial online banking option.  Please contact your loan officer, relationship manager, or local banking center for assistance in enrolling in this new service.

Why doesn’t my eStatement or notice open?

When you click a document in online banking, it tries to open in a new tab or window.  Your browser may be blocking this as a popup.  If this happens, you will see a notice that a popup was stopped.  Please select the option to allow the popups; this will allow you to view your documents.

Features of online banking don’t work. Why?

If you are using Google Chrome and an ad blocker, please turn the ad blocker off for the online banking website.


What mobile operating system do I need for the mobile app?  Click here for the Certified Device List

Android Devices - Android version 6.0 and higher

Android Devices Mobile Check Capture - Requires a camera with at least two mega-pixels in resolution

iOS - iPhone - iOS Version 11.0 and higher